Scandinavian Statements Pop Up in Edinburgh!

May 25, 2016

Limitless Scotland

Nordic style is all about sophisticated minimalism, sustainability and ethically produced products to serve your aesthetics and practical needs. In this context, Scandinavian Statements gets involved in all kinds of initiatives promoting such values. Recently, we participated with our products in the Limitless Scotland pop up store. Our brands - Emi & Eve, The Bodystocking, Isabel Camille, Rikke Line, and Amor were introduced to local fashionistas, professionals, and new customers. Our next step will be to expand to a richer and more diverse collection of branded products this autumn.


Scandinavian Statements pop-up Emi & Eve

Limitless Scotland is dubbed as ‘the home of the independent designer,’ and in that sense, Scandinavian Statements made a huge statement in supporting new talents and communicating the potential of the Nordic vision over the upcoming seasons. The real contribution is to provide you with a lifestyle brand that runs cohesively across your daily life needs, from fashion and jewelry-making to interior design. We protect the environment, curate our space and closet, stress the importance of the investment piece, and make sure that all these nice items are offered to you at the best possible prices.


Scandinavian Statements pop-up The Bodystocking

We love to meet our customers in person, so that we can get precious feedback about the quality, functionality, and visual impact of our collections. Our goal is to be become more and more interactive in all kinds of ways. We want you to send us your comments, the places you would love to see us opening our next pop-up store and the products you crave to see in our up-and-coming Scandinavian Statements collection of ethically produced wools. We represent The Bodystocking because its stretchy fabrics and ever-flattering styles are appealing to an array of women with different needs and personalities. We offer you Emi & Eve because there is a peaceful message behind their glam creations. We hand-pick each brand in our portfolio, because we want to give you unique ideas! Till our next pop-up store, shop our products online and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook!

Scandinavian Statements pop-up Amor