Let’s Talk About The Bodystocking!

November 09, 2015

In 2013 Mia Kjersner and Linnea Andersen set about reinventing a practical basic with iconic existence and long history, the bodystocking. Named after what women were wearing for many generations as underlayer to their intricate outfits, the brand today offers a luxe line of affordable wardrobe essentials for the woman juggling all sorts of activities and wishing to look put-together all day long. Her busy life assumes that she is dressing up her outfits on-the-go with accessories she’s carrying with her. You all want a nice top that combines style with comfort, but most of them wrinkle and deteriorate with wear. These bodystockings are not lingerie any more. They are modern-day apparel, minimalist in approach but elevated through spicy little details!


For the winter season you will fall in love with The Bodystocking’s 240g fabric which consists of thick and cozy 70% Viscose, 22% Polyester and 8% Elastan. And getting closer to holidays, you will crave dressier options, such as non-stretch woven fabrics with a soft cotton or modal feel. For the summer or destinations with warmer climates, you will pick the 225g fabric that consists of 92% Viscose and 8% Elastan, a lightweight combo.


You will soon be invited to several holiday parties, and your bodystocking will be a key piece to these festive looks. It’s sexy, sophisticated, dressy and chic. Made of lace, viscose, lurex, and more delicate fabrics such as matte modal that feels like sand-washed silk, The Bodystocking will complement or glamorize any skirt, pair of pants, shorts or culottes for a dinner party, dinner date or night out with the girls! One of these fabulous styles will also be the perfect match for your maxi ethereal chiffon or velvet skirt to stand out at a black-tie event, fundraiser, wedding or other!  


For the day, your bodystocking is simple and basic. The Bodystocking casual line includes among others, a corporate style in the form of a stretchy shirt that is crease-free. This one can be layered under a ‘power suit’, a blazer or a long coat, as the perfect attire to be sported in the office. Easy-to-pack in your luggage, every bodystocking is ideal for globetrotters. It feels comfortable, stays in place and it’s the best item to mix and match!


Of course you want to feel both sultry and tasteful. Details such as mock or halter necks, cut-outs and key-hole openings will boost your femininity. Your bodystocking can be slightly see-through, shiny or totally matt and opaque. The fabric clings around your body charmingly, embracing your curves. It has this shape-up quality that makes you feel more confident as a woman. It seems to be skin-tight, yet you really appreciate the convenience. Combining it with an equally stretchy pencil skirt or a pleated one, you get two different looks, both creating an adorable hourglass figure. It’s equally sexy to a pair of stiletto pumps!    


Pieces that ensure perfect fit and pleasantly mould your body should be your classy essentials for many seasons to come. The Bodystocking is focusing on fabrics that are healthy, durable, breathable and functional. Every style is designed to keep you in shape without restricting you. It’s very forgiving and flattering to any silhouette, to be adopted by women at any age. The brand’s neutral palette (black, white, navy blue) mixes with any of your looks, while the metallics will glam up your black leather leggings or chiffon flared pants. Being structured and flexible at the same time, this is the chic alternative to any other top or blouse!