One of 100 Ways to Wear Our Giveaway: With Dressy Pants!

December 24, 2015

We’ve said before that the best way to be a creative dresser is through endless combinations of separates. Your black lace, The Bodystocking, is a great foundation for numerous style improvisations, so don’t hesitate to mix it up with different fabrics and classically designed bottoms. For pants, we would suggest some skinny or cigarette styles, as well as tapered ones that infuse our sexy core piece with an impressive degree of sophistication. Again with androgynous elements, this look can make waves!

Pick shiny fabrics for the festive evenings and matte ones for day looks. Contrasting black lace with a white blazer, or pants in metallics, is a cool way to balance out the bodysuit’s sheerness. Or you can layer underneath a wired-cup bra to enhance the sensual aspect of it. And finally, you can get crazy with textures, blending fluffiness with sheerness and shine in monochromes or all-dark outfits. The effect is dramatic and chic! To make it your own, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our Newsletter till December 31, for a change to win The Bodystocking for free!

Happy Styling!!!