Our First Stylish Winner for 2016!

January 01, 2016

Last year many of you participated in our December 2015 giveaway for a chance to win The Bodystocking in sexy black lace! We thank you very much for following us on Instragram and subscribing to our Newsletter, becoming that way a vital part of our fashionable group of followers to be updated with news, trends, styling tips, and new fabulous products! Our Nordic spirit runs high and our love for fashion will guarantee a very cool and interesting 2016! Embrace our eclectic minimalism, get to know our designers, and send us your scoop on needs and causes you want us to help you with! We promise to be offering you an insightful mix of great taste and functionality, social responsibility, and sustainability all year long! Let’s celebrate the coming of 2016, with our first Scandinavian Statements winner:

Name: Jennifer Michalski-Bray

City: London

Have a Wonderful New Year, Congratulations, and… Happy Shopping!

Sparkle bodystocking giveaway