January 14, 2016

Minimalism has definitely a Scandinavian heritage and endless applications. You are simple in your styling as well as your beauty regime. It’s about a natural-looking, flawless face, as seen on enviable ‘woke up like this’ selfies by celebrities such as Beyoncé, Heidi Klum and Miranda Kerr! Translate it as the effortless point of view and enhance your natural characteristics with touches of neutral makeup that correct imperfections and accentuate your strongest spots. Let’s go through the steps that give you youthfulness and freshness!


Your cleansed skin should be perfectly hydrated before you proceed with your makeup. Avoid applying excess product and wait until it gets completely absorbed.



Start with a creamy foundation all over your face. You need a clean base to work on. Gradually add small quantities, until your face becomes as plain as a canvas, but without looking heavy or ‘cakey’! Add concealer of your preference to cover under-eye circles, blemishes and patches. Blend in with a foundation brush for a uniform result. If you have freckles, think of the possibility of not hiding them that much. They are on trend!


Contour your face to get perfect angles and shape, but never over-contour. Use a slightly darker shade at the sides of your nose, the temples, and right under your cheekbones. Shade also the crease of your eyes and blend in for a nice gradient.


Use a not-so-light highlighter/blush over your cheekbones to create a create a rosy glow, and add a similar product at the tip of your nose, the cupid’s bow on your lips, and the middle of your chin. Make them pop out and subtly shine.


At this point you might notice undesirable sheen that signifies an oily texture. Just mattify and set your natural makeup with colorless translucent powder you will apply sparingly with a brush. Do not cover the glow of your previous products with excess quantity and avoid loose powders with sparkliness or iridescence. Exaggerating with unrealistic features will never feel natural!


An ultra-thin eyeliner can enhance the shape of your eyes, but if you are not quite good at drawing the line, try either a few layers of brown mascara or a sheer eyelash treatment. Use eyebrow gel to perfect and fix the shape of your brows, and a nude lipstick with complementary nude liner to give an illusion of fullness to your pout. Add a bit of gloss only in the middle so that you volumize your lips even more. Check the final result in different types of light, so that you see the same naturalness everywhere!


A perfectly clean face is the best backdrop for a nice pair of earrings. Pearls Stories and Emi & Eve maintain that simplicity, luxuriating it a little with freshwater pearls and sculpted bombshell brass masterpieces!