The All-White Trend

February 27, 2016

white bodysuit

Spring is approaching and we really get into soft pastels and light hues, but for us the most important trend which is also inherent in Scandinavian design is the all-white look. We’ve seen it in lovely décor as well as on the latest runway shows and presentations. White is flattering to any skin tone, hair colour, facial features and body shape. It has a cooling and refreshing effect and is easy to combine with any piece in your closet.


all white

White adds luminosity to your outfit. It’s as if you highlight a certain part of your body or your entire silhouette. Sometimes you can mix and match different shades of white or light colours that are the closest possible to white, including sky-blue and icy mint.


donald duck

White has an allure that is timeless and serene. A white bodysuit, skirt, coat or pair of shoes is never out of fashion or too much. The total-white look makes you instantly elegant. It’s the effortless way to evoke something cool and chic at the same time. These ATELJE 71 sneakers of the picture are super simple and indicative of the brand's Swedish DNA.


white design

You can’t wear a stained or darkened white blouse. It has to be clean and impeccable. So whenever you wear it freshly washed or well-preserved, clarity and precision defines your image. It’s hard to maintain that perfect result for a long time, and this is why it’s a special moment. White forces you to take care of yourself and your clothing!


interior design

White can either be romantic, if rendered in crochet, organza, and lace or it can be totally ‘space age’ especially when the fabric is thick, and the design is heavily structured. Scandinavian design is full of futuristic references, especially when we are talking about interior design. You can see that in this London home designed according to the Nordic style!