Emi & Eve

Pure luxury forged from fire. For women built from fire.

Emi & Eve is an accessory brand that forges beauty out of remnants of war. Discarded bombshells found during ongoing demining activities in Cambodia are handcrafted into designer clutches and jewellery, providing sustainable livelihoods, reclaiming land and contributing to freedom from fear.

The brand Emi & Eve embodies the duality of life: The discord versus the harmony, war versus peace, ying versus yang. Emi embodies the softer female energy that unifies, while Eve represents the fiery power in strife.

Like the metal that is transformed from tool of destruction into something beautiful by fire, we champion the woman who knows what she is made of. She is not lost in the fire, she is built from it.

Who are you today?

Founder Cassandra Postema is a fashion and printed textiles graduate of London's Central St Martins School of Art and Design. After cutting her teeth and London Fashion Week, a long stint in Hong Kong followed getting to know the production side of the rag trade as well as working with various artisanal micro businesses around South East Asia. A trip to Cambodia was the inspiration to develop a new brand concept that marries design excellence with innovation in social responsibility practices.