The Bodystocking

Mia Kjersner - Linnea Andersen - The Bodystocking

The Bodystocking was founded in late summer of 2013 by Mia Kjersner (right). Her idea was to create a new brand focusing on supplying women with a high quality collection of bodystockings at affordable prices. This idea was based on her own desire to express her femininity and at the same time feel comfortable – even in a busy everyday life including career, children and groceries. 

In fact, the importance of protecting the femininity and the female elegance is a topic which is of great interest to Mia. Throughout her business career, Mia has been surrounded mainly by male colleagues. And she has personally felt that it was sometimes difficult to dress accordingly. Bodystockings offered her exactly that opportunity.

By nature, a bodystocking is a very feminine alternative as it truly embraces and shapes the female body. In fact, we focus on femininity in all design aspects – from how the collarbone should be addressed to how we select laces and fabric.

In September 2013 she joint forces with designer Linnea Andersen (left) who has since then been the driver behind the creative development and hereby made Mia's dream come through. In December 2013 they were able to show the world the first collection. 

The ambition is to introduce all women, in all generations, to the bodystocking alternative and let them experience the great feeling of a bodystocking.


THE CONCEPT                                

25 years ago women were very loyal to the bodystocking as an essential part of the wardrobe. Recently, the bodystocking has re-appeared in the fashion landscape as the    most feminine basic wear.


The Bodystocking is the most practical item in your wardrobe

It always stays in place – It shapes and highlights your female silhouette – It doesn’t wrinkle


The design of our bodystockings is timeless and you can have your bodystocking for several seasons. Our ambition is to provide women with feminine basics to their wardrobes. The simple cut embraces your silhouette and highlights your waistline, shoulders, collarbone and spine.

Our bodystockings are not lingerie - It’s ready to wear clothing and you will find a bodystocking for every occasion, whether it’s basic wear, a shirt or something for Friday night you are searching for.


A bodystocking is skin-tight and by that it’s important that the fabric is breathable for your skin. By using natural viscose fabrics we ensure that the fabric is pleasant to wear and that your bodystocking keeps bright in color and firm in shape, wash after wash.

In our collections we work with 2 types of signature fabrics:


Our 225g fabric consists of 92% Viscose and 8% Elastan. This is our lightweight quality. It’s perfect for the summertime and as the inner layer during the winter season.


Our 240g fabric consists of 70% Viscose, 22% Polyester and 8% Elastan. This quality is a little more heavy and tight knitted and by that it’s warm and nice for the winter season.

Besides from our signature stretch fabrics we also work with woven (non-stretch) fabrics such as cotton or modal qualities. You can find these fabrics in our shirts and loose fit styles.

The Confident bodystocking